Water sports are a way of life in the Delta. Here’s what the locals who’ve chosen to make the Delta home have to say.

      • To try to sum up the Delta is near impossible.

        I grew up on it, learned how to Wakeboard on it, and made a career for myself on it. I’m not a pro athlete but I am a professional cameraman who has been fortunate enough to have the Delta as my backdrop. Together with a handful of different athletes we have made a living doing what we love and exposed the Delta to others around the world with countless images and award winning videos that all come from these waters. What was once just a dream to have people recognize the area that we live in for how special it is, has become a reality. I have had a chance to travel the globe and everywhere I go someone always mentions the images they see from our home. These waterways are truly unique and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.
        – Staff Photographer, Rodrigo Donoso Wakeboard Magazine

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