The Delta is considered one of the top 5 Bass Fishing regions in the country. Here’s what the locals who’ve chosen to call the Delta home have to say.

  • fishing the California Delta
    • fishing the California Delta
      • As a local who has fished all the 2000 plus miles of the California Delta for almost 50 years, I have learned to appreciate the diversity and splendor this amazing estuary offers.

        From my start at age 5 fishing with cut bait around 3 Mile Slough for catfish, striper and sturgeon all through my extensive Tournament Bass Fishing experience, I find this place to be truly amazing. I have caught, salmon and steelhead as they migrate through to the rivers to spawn, as well as giant bluegill, red ear sunfish and crappie over 3 lbs. My largest striper was 52 lbs. We catch multiple 10+ lbs Largemouth every year with some going over 15 lbs. This is a year round fishery! The Delta is constantly changing daily with the tides, weather, aquatic vegetation and water flows. This sets up the wonderful challenge of exploring this maze regularly and using your outdoor experience and natural instincts to find the food chain and preferred environment for your species of choice.
        – Greg Troughton

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