Redefining East Bay Area Bedroom Communities

September 2019

A New Luxury Development is Redefining Bedroom Communities in the East Bay

In the California Delta, the glint of sunlight on water announces the beginning of the day, where the soundtrack is made up of the clear trills of the song sparrow, splash of kayak paddles slicing through the water’s surface, and the occasional distant hum of a ski boat engine. And when you leave to go to work, it’ll still be there when you return at the end of the workday.

Though some places in the Bay Area might be considered the old-school version of “bedroom communities,” Delta Coves was designed to shift opinions and perspectives on what a bedroom community is. When home can be both a destination for relaxation and adventure, it offers far more than just a bedroom. It becomes a way of life.

“Delta Coves offers a rich life on water,” said Nick Taratsas, general manager of Delta Coves and executive vice president of DMB Development, the company leading the effort to build 560 waterfront and water-facing houses on Bethel Island in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. “It’s a place where you can take your boat out and hike natural trails with your family.”

With access to more than 1,000 miles of waterways, Delta Coves provides an exceptional lifestyle to those who want to experience life on the water. The community is designed around a manmade lagoon that boasts a giant underground circulation system, which pulls in clean water from the Delta and helps keep the lagoon clean and swimmable all year long.

Due to modest waterfront settlements of early Delta inhabitants being responsive to the local climate, it was important for Delta Coves architects to design buildings that match the Delta’s rustic aesthetic. Homes will feature board-and-batten siding, and floor plans will be designed to funnel guests toward the back, to the lagoon and private docks—the launchpad to the great outdoors.

“One thing we emphasized to the builders is that they needed to make the houses water-centric,” Taratsas said. “We wanted them to pull the living spaces on the ground floor to the back. After all, residents are genuinely there for the water.”

The Island Camp, the community’s 4,500-square-foot clubhouse and amenities center, will include swimming pools, a club room with a library and media room, a fitness center, a game pavilion, and a bar located on a sandy corner of the island.

The community promises to be popular because it offers amenities and a lifestyle that appeals to a wide range of buyers. Delta Coves will open its visitor center and model homes on September 14, 2019.

About 10 miles east of the Antioch BART Station, Delta Coves provides an idyllic waterfront lifestyle for people who still rely on public transportation to the Bay Area. “We’re going to be considered a bedroom community, but at the same time a highly recreational community,” Taratsas said. “Delta Coves will be an ideal place to call home.”